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A new car?

Is it time to change my vehicle? Does it make sense in terms of environmental impacts? Create a custom analysis for your case.


Directly see the results of a comparison between a gasoline, a diesel, a gaz and an electricity-run vehicle, for


Set the parameters for a comparison between a gasoline, a diesel, a gas and an electricity-run vehicle, for

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Build your own comparative scenario.

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Car, bus, bike?

Compare different means of transport for passengers.

Set up an analysis to answer your specific question: should you change your current vehicle for a new one? In this analysis, you will be asked for details on your current vehicle as well as your driving habits to find out whether changing your current leads to environmental benefits, and if so, under which conditions.

This 'Simple' access to the model gives the environmental impacts and life cycle costs of modern, mid-size diesel, gasoline, gas and battery electric vehicles; for the country you are located in, for the year 2020. The vehicle parameters correspond to the standard settings in our model.

With this version, the same results as with the 'Simple' access are given, but you have access and can modify all the vehicle parameters. Additionally, country-specific electricity mixes for charging the batteries of battery vehicles and producing hydrogen via electrolysis can be selected; the electricity mixes can also be defined by the user.

This access offers the model full flexibility.